autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

Empower my brain
Enlighten my sight
Let the moon die
In this damned night

Let its red light
Melt the dark clouds
Let butterflies sleep
Bring forth the hounds

With their sharp teeth
With blood they are tiled
They ate our dead and
Gave birth to a child

To a hungry Lucifer
To the beast in us
Eyes filled with anger
Shell made of glass

Let all dreams come true
Let fall down our crowns
Let our skin shatter
To implant new spawns

In atoms of the real
And make new people sprout
With faces of steal
And mouth crying loud

Than the earth will crack
And hot lava will rain
From the beast itself
From each buried brain

napísanísané:: 24.8.2008

prečítalo:: 1058 ludí