hmm.. Explanation

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

I can sense the waves
Of my energy flowing
And reflection of me
I can feel it snowing

In middle of the world
I lay completely numb
And I can't say a word
And all around is white

Altered is my sight
And I can watch myself
From away where clock
Can't reach number twelve

I can change the states
In the body's pumping brain
I'm far away from dreaming
I'm more than just insane

And I can travel to
The reality of souls
I can be the moonlight
And your nightmare ghouls

Or I can switch to
A complete emptiness
By the gates of hell
I can kill all sentinels

I’m the other things
Things which you don’t know
‘Cause I dare to see the real
Through aurora’s glow

napísanísané:: 27.4.2008

prečítalo:: 1141 ludí