Revelation :)

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

There's a torn puppet
Floating in the air
And there is a trumpet
Squeaking without care

Pumping my hollow ribs
And the puppet cries
The machine of her lives
And enchants with lies

My opened empty brain
"Give in to me now
And die with no pain
For everything you saw"

And a vampire in me
Looks out through my eyes
Suddenly it's creeping out
Suddenly it lies

Right next to me and smiles
And I fall into
My own boiling blood
Like a marching squad

Breathing rusted needles
Come out of my skin
Blowing out the bubbles
Of the worlds within

My hairless skull
Worlds which are too small
And nightmare creatures
Eat all running preachers

And drink my tears
Collect them in shadows
In corners of my dreams
Where thoughts are free

But they look at me
And they are hypnotized
Take their feather wings
It seems they just realized

The pity and the sorrow
The reflection in my eyes
And that the word ‘real’
Just so terribly simplifies

What things really are
And all the energy around
Drop’s the same as star
And we're only a sound

Echoing in wide space
Between plus and minus
You are a real number
And I am its sinus

napísanísané:: 18.4.2008

prečítalo:: 1303 ludí