autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

Heartbeat is too fast
And senses are too awake
I'm unconsciously dreaming
Pouring myself like a lake

Down the Devil's throat
I lick his tongue and sleep
Following bright dot
In dark I solemnly creep

And I want to put off
All lights which ever shone
So that I don't realize this
And my heavy head's my own

But there is a bubble, just
Above my hair it's swelling
My face is twisted and
My eyes are repelling

And I don’t understand
But I just keep thinking
From where comes the gravity
Why I’m so much shrinking

Like a paper box
I'm getting smaller with time
I can feel the world where
All the numbers are prime

I guess I’m making space
For emptiness to come
To crush borders of me
And to show me some

Things and people who
Nobody else is to see
This is not just state of mind
It’s the way to be

napísanísané:: 6.4.2008

prečítalo:: 1077 ludí