Believing is Seeing

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

The sky is dark and
Cold white stars
Are opening my
Old forgotten scars

My days just flow
And I don't know when
I'm blinded and numb
In my private den

Body hopelessly screams
In painful cramp
Neverending pleasure
Everlasting damp

Sincere form of suicide
Melting into mud
Day by day I drink more
Of my yellow blood

I need to lie down
And rest my mind a bit
I'm building me a grave
And elastic crypt

I need some space for
My lungs to breathe
But instead I hold it
But instead I feed

My rotting veins
I'm filling them with water
I start shaking
And it's getting hotter

My hands sweat life - soon
It will leave my being
And I'm finding out that
Believing is seeing

napísanísané:: 30.3.2008

prečítalo:: 1135 ludí