autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

I have no tears
Left to cry
I have no will
To live or die

My angel’s away
Her touches burned
All left is dreams
So cold and blurred

She stabbed my hearth
And let it bleed
Out in desert
She smiled and freed

Herself from me
Ran with my soul
Since them I’m crying
My mind’s a hole

She tore my skin
Into pieces it went
Paled off my body
For feelings she sent

She promised and took
My trust away
She made me believe
But now I can say

Where there was love
Old corpses rust
My chest is heavy
Eyes filled with dust

I lost my air and
Lost stable floor
And nothing really
Matters anymore

napísanísané:: 21.2.2008

prečítalo:: 684 ludí