Glowing Circles

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

Look desperately
Into my empty eyes
The taste of soap
The senseless hope
And the flower
Which covered you
Fragile cowel

And the glue
Rains on my head
Present has got
No regret

I fall into dream
And the memories leak
Everywhere and speak
Like misty ghosts
In fog of neurons
I'm slowly diving
And I’m striving
To see them all

Like a ball
I bounce in haze
Irrational maze
Of dark corners
And hidden beasts
They heave the feasts
Of human dreams
They steal to heal

Stunted hearths
If they can’t reach me
I swim in yarns
Of hidden thoughts
Hypnotized by snakes
I see a thousand lakes
And the sunrises
In silent eclipse

napísanísané:: 19.5.2007

prečítalo:: 1295 ludí