Pigeons in velvet rain

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

I breathe smoke
Falling asleep
It scars my lungs
And I creep

Where sharpened tongues
Of hopeless feelings
Put me on the table
And drop me hard
Stick on me a label
To steal my soul

The pool of tears
When pigeons cry
Makes me small
I don't fly
But am part of
The endless air
Drown in mare
Of blinking eyes
Their pretty smiles

Hold me down
Just as spawn
I'm observing
And crushing my egg
I'm putting a leg
On bright surface
Of the ocean waves
Mindless screaming
Blinds and scares

And velvet rain
Waters my hair
I can't cry
And no more care
About my senses
And the happening
And all the glances
Are just ghosts
In my empty mind
When suddenly
All is undefined

napísanísané:: 2.5.2007

prečítalo:: 1215 ludí