Legion of the Righteous Ones... (VI.)

autor:: Miroslav Kizák

rubrika:: poezia

Pt.27. - Desertheart (diversity & change)

A face in the sand, desiring for the serenity, unwilling to get used to this crumbled new world’s order,
don’t panic, just find the flames’ source and reanimate thy mind, imagination without any borders,
stand up and continue on the journey that has been begun, epic dreams are waiting to be fulfilled,
travel to the Promised Land, admire its diversity, sometimes being disrupted by adversity,
discover the hidden beauty of the desert, where dry winds of the land frequently blow,
the time has come for the sun to take its place down below the crown of horizon, the night’s thrill,
after few hours shines on the heavens again, with companions, the clouds racing against infinite divinity,
a tornado of swirling mass of sand and dust arises, ‘cause somethin’ unusual like thunder can be heard high and low,
it’s burnin’ everything, cursin’ the saints, defillin’ the gravestones, a profane blasphemous and twisted legion,
the Desertheart shall become an ally of earthly Light and defend his beloved regions.

Pt.28. - Rainheart (healing & cure; soothing wounds)

There are some wounds which seem to remain on the body and in soul for eternity, not grave, but regularly returning, such torment,
you wish to die, if only the pain departed, now like in corroded chains, please, help, release the being, a miracle heaven-sent,
then the clouds start to gather and cover the sky, peacefully waiting, gaining some extra water,
a thunder prepares an original, brand new type of sword, for cutting the grey cloak, for his glory worldwide to be seen,
a storm is raging, unleashing its fury, but not meaning to do any harm to the innocent people,
when the hammering of bolts fades away and flows to silence, the lightnings left no house scattered,
the raindrops are falling, the flowers awake from the embrace of sleep, the earth and nature knows again, what joy means,
thy wounds seem to disappear, they are slowly being soothed, stopped is the pain, skies in bright blue, not in purple,
power of supernatural cure, the love, an angel from above, warrior’s soul resurrected, thundersword and cloudshield,
the Rainheart, the Light’s doctor, when a soldier closes to death, he helps and makes the fighter healed.

Pt.29. - Vulcanheart (elemental force of Mother Earth)

The father of the Fireheart, a majestic volcano mountain, is about to erupt, of angertide,
he sees the Evil trying to use the power of the lava rivers and the plasma burning inside,
the mass of black rock holding the liquid fire that’s gathering here, waiting to explode,
and the moment comes, the surface trembles in an augury of earthquake, the soil goes asunder,
like a nuclear mushroom the grey hellhot smoke rises to reach the clouds, the declaration of might,
dread spreads among the people around, in a while green turns to orange, glowing protons on the road,
a rage of the core, much older than mankind or anything living, planet’s atmosphere creator with thunder,
the temperature decreases, the yellow metamorphoses to dark, the strongest hill gets even bigger, in the night a magnificent sight,
the elemental forces of Mother Earth released from prison of lithosphere, triggered on prey, the demons,
although could be immune to fire, special recipe from the Vulcanheart will certainly surprise, interrupt and end their pervert sermon.

Pt.30. - Thunderheart (forces of nature, especially air)

From the moment of its creation, mankind wonders about and admires a primal phenomenon of nature on the sky,
a concentrating of heat in the air, while clouds are sucking and drinking nearby waterdrops and steam, will do their quest and then die,
everything’s silent, but there’s a sign of upcoming storm, greater than ever, it’s getting pretty darker,
what’s gathered here, is soon to be fallen down, all the dirt from ill smoke to the evil’s main source will return,
their own wicked deeds will defeat the profane assassins, eat away the blades and armours,
like an abhorrent acid poured on calcium, a wild reaction, this kind of rain vaporizing the inner integrity, of the abyss marker,
and then a strange, extraordinary thing happens, electricity is cumulating inside the clouds, high voltage the tainted bridges to burn,
a useful weapon in the times of endless night of war, a situation when the enemy’s first attack can be expected in few hours,
force of lightspeedy air and invisibly small particles fusing into a wonderful mixture of arcane plasma sphere,
charging for a while, and for seconds a root-like bolt shining with composure hammers, the Thunderheart is back here !

Pt.31. - Metalheart (rebellion & heroic mutiny)

People under oppression, crying, crawling on a scrapheap of ancient ashes and garbage, in decaying state ruled by a tyrant,
their tears mixed with acid are hissed back on the faces, truth became unwanted, a fault of beauty, guillotine reports to its fanatical intends,
but once this situation had to occur, a conspiracy within, true freedom fighters reunited in one whole, secretly mobilizing new followers,
gathering the courage, biding the right time for final and deciding significant attack, an assault for overthrowing the reign of Shackles,
forging and crafting swords, blades, daggers, axes, halberds, morning stars, flails or hammers, for a revolting army to equip its soldiers,
stand for your rights, march for a vision to come to real, forget the frailties, paralysis to stun the arms or mind, and start building watchtowers,
the revolution may be hard, but we won’t give up, grab the weapons, shooters and archers, hold positions, activate eagle eye, visit the oracle,
against all odds rise the steel, hearts of warriors, beyond hope and redemption the desired victory lies, future heavy metal crosses all borders,
free thy opinions, melt the bars of prison where you used to live in, join own rebellion, an uprising, unleash energy hidden deep within,
follow the Metalheart in the quest of defeating foul evil, don’t suffer under the hand of incubus, put up a fight for the spirit of heroic mutiny.

Pt.32. - Warheart (morale & resistance in war)

The hardest times have come, shadows are spreading, the sky darkens, sun fades away, horizon burns out, sulphurous breath poisons the air,
black colour covers thoughts of peoples, terror stuns their moves, hatred floods over the land, causes countless murders, destruction builds its lair,
fire vanquishes the water, smoke from brimstone can be smelt all around, an hemorrhage of the Earth made by forces of Hell,
once bold, daring and courageous swordsmen run in grim, fear is blinding their eyes, in the woods they’re being turned into vampires,
joy, what does it mean, isn’t worth a word, when everyone has forgotten it, runs away before millions of marching fiends grinning,
in the seconds between demise, oblivion and freedom, a spirit shouted to encourage people, revealed common weakness, which demons can smell,
a small flame was ignited, crowds arose in enlightenment that the battle has not been absolutely lost, a soul made them realize the desires,
six days an army of volunteers needed for gathering and on that seventh a magnificent light from sunrays extremely brightly shining,
the and on the six hundred and sixty-seventh awakening of stars the fortune turned on the side of Light, the Nox on a short retreat,
but long enough the strength for deciding blow to deal to recover, the Warheart, lead us to victory when all that Evil will lie dead at our feet.

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