Do you want your death?

autor:: Michal Abaffy

rubrika:: haluze/blbosti

When I was walking on the street, I saw a written sentence on a wall: I WANT YOUR DEATH and I asked: “Mine?” and a man standing nearly answered: “If you want,” but I didn’t want, so I said: “I don’t want my death, so you also don’t want my death,” but the man was in really good mood, so he said: “No, now it’s late, I want your death,” and I said: “O.K., so I also want your death,” and he smiled and went of: “Oh, shit, I don’t want my death,” which I understood, so I told him: “I understand that you don’t want your death,” and he added: “I can also understand it, because I think, nobody wants his own death,” which was not only very clever, but true as well, of course, and I claimed: “Yes, nobody wants his own death,” and I went away happy because I realized that the man hadn’t wanted his death.

napísanísané:: 30.3.2007

prečítalo:: 1018 ludí