Love the Disease

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

Shake me
And make me
Abandon myself
And fake me
In mirrors
Hanging on you head
Your cat-like grin
I vibrate and spin
Around your legs

Fill me with dope
And give the hope
Of tomorrow
The burning bra
On glass figurine
You make me touch
I'm blind and lean
So kill me

Stab me with power
Deep into my brain
The teasing pain
Keeps me alive
I stroke and strive
To calm you down
Better choke you
With my hair

Without care
The struggle of lights
Melting the world
A blood-red swamp
Drowns the hearts
And I can't breathe
When you
Lick my feet

The lightings
From your fingers
Imprison me
In your ribs
Suck my lips
My mind lingers
And hopelessly
I break the glass so that
You can't see
Softly spoiling me

napísanísané:: 26.3.2007

prečítalo:: 1487 ludí