mad ??

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

Laying on the ground
I'm talking to the light
It bounds me
And blinds my sight

And I run
Backwards in time
I sleep with stars
And sticky grass
Is touching my face
Falling into dreams
I swim with streams
To abandoned place

And a bubble
Surrounds me all
I do dare to fall
Deeper into sea
To become and be
To see the scent
And smell the colors
Everyting that follows

Has freed itself
From the real bounds
Listen to the sounds
Of crows ripping
My hearth into mud
A big bloody flood
Monsters creeping

From the outside
Of living present
ANd jackals of desert
Cry and shout
In my mouth
I'm shaking in cold
Water of feelings
And dolhpins sleep

I drown into deep
Realm of subconsciousness
To mourn and rot
And fill the slot
Of my brain with pain
And world's so plain
When I shake my head
I'm deaf and I'm slight
Eclipsed by the light

napísanísané:: 1.3.2007

prečítalo:: 1026 ludí