autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

Suck Archangel's lips
Kiss the one who sleeps
Inside quietly waiting
Take his hand and
Rip off his plating

Feel his tongue
The serpent sneaking
In holes of brain
Madly squeaking
With fire on its end
Your time's been spent

And darkness is creeping
From iron flowers
The deafly sleeping
Moonlight's lovers

Suck the angel
On his black mouth
See the dead
And shake in bed
The bloody gale
Makes you pale

Now fall into
His unconsiousness
Tear your skin
When comming lean
Into freezing hell
The choking smell

Of him calms
In his arms
Watch the unreal
The purple lakes
And crazy snakes
Of your hair
Kill them
without care

Kiss the angel
For the last time
One more dose
Till body flows
Into final infinity
The twisted hole
In the mind of
Your empty soul

napísanísané:: 23.2.2007

prečítalo:: 997 ludí