A story about a girl

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: rozpravky

There was a girl, once upon a time, which lived in a big city in the middle of a forest of tall buildings. And she was a little bit childish and all strange, with her uncontrolled emotions. Dressed in white, she used to walk down the streets and meet people and talk about various things and thinking about far more of them.
And every night, when the sun went down and dark clouds were approaching the sky, when stars were sparkling on the black paper of the air, she used to walk between trees, watching a lake melt shores of sand, listening to birds and frogs and all creatures which were not yet asleep, like her, feeling the energy of themselves pumping their veins with life of darkness. But there was one thing she wanted to do, an experiment she wanted to make work, and it was about understanding the rules which create the reality and being able to change them.

Now she was in colourful light watching the raindrops fall through her body, being invisible and scared of loneliness, her thinking flowing through her head, unstoppable and so fast. And she saw the things through herself, through the human and the other side of mind. And the wind started blowing and the moon hid itself behind the clouds when she started trembling and shaking and her blood wanted to tear her veins with its speed, rip her hearth so she couldn’t feel anymore. Something like loosing all emotions. And this used to be a great temptation for her but was soon gone, because her human part still wasn’t dead enough.

After that she concentrated on understanding of what was really happening with her, at least when her blood was still and brain was thinking slowly, forgetting many things which had happened. And like a small bird observes and learns how to fly, she started observing the reality of itself and making long journeys into different worlds and different conditions of a human mind.

But an evil crawled into the worlds she was visiting and the evil unbearable and almost undefeatable. It came from the past through the bridge she unwillingly created while observing the borders of the space-time. And it pretended to be small children, but once they got close enough to her, they started crying with such strange voices and turning around her and trying to get closer, grinning with hands in front of them as if they were trying to catch her or something. And they were so scary that the headache came, such a terrible pain that she had never felt before. It felt like hot water spilling inside of her skull, burning the brain from inside. And when she opened her eyes it was even worse, so she had to lie on her bed, trying to get the hot water into the least painful side of her head.

Suddenly, broke down on her bed, she had a feeling of jumping out of her body, into a different state of thinking, and her body stopped shaking because it was no more a part of her. And the happiness from the emptiness which she could feel filled her with inexpressible emotions, like a small bird has when he finally knows how to fly.

And an interesting idea crossed her mind – if I understand yet the world in a proper way, maybe it is not even possible to reprogram it, but I can even find how to do it if I use my brain in a good way.

So she kept going out more often now and thinking about how to make her plan happen. And she observed the patterns around and always wrote down all notes she was thinking about, trying to sort all elements which create reality into classes, searching for rules of the space-time, how they are created and how they become what we call reality.

She didn’t have too much success at the beginning, though. Many mistakes appeared and the evil inside her grew more and more. However, she was now able to control it, if she was strong enough, and even using its energy to think faster.

And one shiny day she was having a walk in a forest full of old weird oaks. Twisting their branches towards the sun, they were dropping leaves on her face and she was so calm and warm that she suddenly realised that she had her answer. She could sense the network of life around, and through her mind and soul became part of it, so that she could change anything she wanted. ‘I am so happy that I wouldn’t even mind dying now’, said the voice inside of her. And then again: ‘Can I erase myself? How could I delete a whole human being? Would it affect the reality somehow?’ And with the next thought she vanished and all the memories which other people kept disappeared with her into emptiness. Her soul crossed the timeline and arrived into opposite part of it. And one part of the universe was closed for ever, from the infinite past to the infinite future.

napísanísané:: 18.1.2007

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