[no tak to fakt neviem ako to nazvat]

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

My eyes are broken
And fingers stare
into foggy
empty air
This rising dusk
It ribbs the cocoon
on my head
it looks so sad

The emptiness
Of fallen dreams
They spin around us
sink in streams
Of mindless time
I feel the prime
moonlight beams

The light it rushes
Down the photons
In my head
The moving protons
Their speed is shiny
My hearth it beats
My brain it feeds

But then the wall
Surrounding is light
And I'm shaking
Loosing all my sight
I see but skull
From inside my skin
And two holes
I see the grin

Of the ghost inside
From my deepest thinking
It is cheering
It's dancing and
At me always winking

I feel the present
In my vains it passes
Changing reality
Objects and their classes
Fall inside me
Suddenly it's dark
I see only
Everlasting spark

napísanísané:: 14.1.2007

prečítalo:: 1333 ludí