Emotional orgasm

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

We are floating in the wind
Your fingers
Put me into emergency condition
Of unreality
The stingers
Around my body hurt
With hope of love
I'm drowning in a dirt

Slowly slippering
Down the sunbeams
Absorbing your energy
Partly chilling
Partly feeling
The emotional orgasm
The reality of itself
The mountains of you
And lakes of mine few

And we're lying on the moon
And stars are covering
Our body, but soon
Sun will come out so
Let's carry more clouds
Where they belong
And let's make more sounds
And mix all energy

To the perfect state
To unison with air
And be whisper of trees
To create one pair
Of darkness and light
We carry each side

From my hearth to yours
I'm silently calling
Watching a star
From the sky falling

napísanísané:: 15.12.2006

prečítalo:: 966 ludí