Tree of thoughts

autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

Lying in an empty bed
Like grave made of silk
I am slowly disappearing
Have no body, have no feeling

And small children around me
They are grinning, screaming
Touching me with chilly fingers
They're like toxic painful stingers

And I can't shout, can'y just stand up
As bloody branches from my head
Sticked me to an outer space
Covered my eyes and whole my face

And I'm crying and I'm sweating
And covering myself with crust
And my mind is shining brightly
And I'm breathing only lightly

And all nice things are burried
Deep under the roots of tree
Which has been growing inside
And tonight is tearing me

napísanísané:: 3.11.2006

prečítalo:: 1054 ludí