autor:: Elendurwen

rubrika:: poezia

When you sacrifice your love
Almost every night in your dizzy dreams
We used to be lovers, we used to be friends
But once just everything in this world ends
When it to carry on doesn't make sence

So I carry my peaceful love
For you deep in my empty pockets
We used to be smile, wanted to die
Together when our lives will faraway fly
But now I within me silently cry

Now take me where it's dark
And read these letters I used to write
With blood from my brain I lost
'Cause every night I'm dying in frost
And you sleep in me like a honey-made ghost

And people outside they don't believe
In scary creatures that make me see
All that dirty empty spaces
Only those are left of your embraces
And I'm sick of human hidden faces

So our love, may it last
Until our souls will be flown
And by the time I'll crash my hearth apart
And for knowing you many times I'll drown
But in state of neverending dawn

napísanísané:: 25.10.2006

prečítalo:: 1100 ludí