start in the end

autor:: jINdr:)

rubrika:: poems

I should continue where I've finished.
I should continue with all these lies.
I shoudn't stop, even if I were punished.
I just can't do that, when I see her eyes.

I should continue with dishonesty.
I should continue to be her storm.
I shouldn't stop to deceive her, obviously.
But I just can't do that, she's torn.

And I can't do what I would like to
because of her, because of my venus.
She makes me think she loves me, too.
I don't want anybody to see us.

I should continue with my cheatings.
I try really hard, but I just can't.
I can only think about our meetings.
If it's over, we will start in the end.

napísanísané:: 9.8.2004

prečítalo:: 1149 ludí