Rainy hearts...

autor:: Miroslav Kizák

rubrika:: poezia

Rainy hearts....

In my heart, there was an ugly pain,
And fortunately, it is now no more,
´cause I’ve met a black-haired lady in the rain,
a beautiful woman, that I’ve been longing for.

I send you a sincere wink of eye,
And you reward me with a shiny smile,
Even though your icy charm is so cold,
I’ll think of thee to warm my soul for a while.

The fairest thief is thy angelface,
For my heart was stolen in the very first moment,
I’m dropping my defences, I surrender to your angelic grace,
Take my hand and love me silently.

Precious is a memory of you, my ice queen,
It heals my wounds and banishes the weep,
In your footsteps a carpet of thorny roses grows,
But I’ll follow it, ‘cause only you can cure my sorrows.

My old black & white world now bursts with colours,
You’re invited, paintress of temptations,
With thee, be fulfilled the heartfelt wishes,
For this fateful night the heavens are ours.

Walk with me through light and darkness,
Together we can overcome the mirrors of sin,
Against adversity we will stand,
Side by side, with love in heart, hand in hand.

This is the time, when we discover life’s secrets,
Open with me a chamber of wonders,
Let me touch your velvet skin,
Light the candles of our future without borders.

It took months for me to raise my head again,
Yet I don’t know why I’ve been waiting so long,
When my feelings to you I cannot hide, they’re too strong,
So I’ll continue this rhyme my confusion to explain.

One summer night I had a lovely dream,
In which a moon-belle I have seen,
She was walking towards me with secrets in her eyes,
I was standing, mesmerized, and asked her to glance at the sky.

Stars will reveal to us the ways of destiny,
And will help our minds in the times of need,
One star is thine and one is mine,
Like sun for me forever shine.

When we looked back, she gave me the first kiss,
Her purity granted me with new wings,
Straight to the seventh heaven we flew,
Then I realized: I fell in love with you.

Your voice echoes in my thoughts all day,
Uncovers my inner energy rays,
Unleash your hidden electricity to summon a spark,
Sing once again to drag me from the dark.

From the inside I’m shouting with happiness,
Last tears were dried,
I met you, my personal inferno died,
And I hope you’ll redeem me from loneliness.

Affection and passion cut the deepest wounds,
For which the beloved is the only cure,
I’m guilty, I’ve become ill,
‘cause fiery emotions to you my heart have filled.

I’ve laid almost all cards on the table,
I’ve told you what I feel, it’s not just a fable,
This is merely a humble declaration of love,
To you, my queen, the purest white dove.

Now when this poem ends,
I ask you to hesitate a bit over it,
Let these few rhymes be only a start,
Of a never-ending embrace of our rainy hearts.

napísanísané:: 22.8.2006

prečítalo:: 1232 ludí