Legion of the righteous ones... (I.)

autor:: Miroslav Kizák

rubrika:: poezia

Pt.3. - Apocalypseheart (Baal - destruction)

The Judgment Day draws near, as he dreadfully approaches towards our world,
in his wake burns a violent fire, sinisterly grinning as occur the first flames’ word,
disgusting spiders enmesh still-living victims in their nets, a horror so harsh,
under the red sky the apocalyptic forces rally and prepare for sudden attack,
have to wait for their commander, the devourer of the face of Mother Earth,
the occult wizards prophesy a brutal gore, dead bodies thrown into marsh,
kneel before the ceremony of homecoming of Diablo, the terror’s birth,
the fourth section of hellish symbol activated for the long inferno to start,
flesh race, your doom is coming soon, run before Baal, the Apocalypseheart.

Pt.4. - Satanheart (Diablo)

Hail to the Prince of Darkness, the Lord of Terror, the Scourge of the universe,
the mightiest of demonic brothers, a colossal red thorny behemoth, deadly perverse,
becomes the enthroned triumphant, claims the scepter with signs of savage dynasty,
special sulphurous weapons and armours are being crafted to the slightest detail,
to his delight, for Diablo looks forward to the slaughter and cataclysm meant to happen,
scares the opponents, impales their heads on stakes in sanctuaries, blood for him is so tasty,
drinks the mouldy cup to bottom, the domain of Skull should prevail,
single-handedly moving down the mortal troops, tearing asunder those cravens,
eternal torment begins, gargoyles suck the potions, living death, when it comes to his part,
the greatest army ever seen will storm the surface, led by Diablo, the Satanheart.

Pt.5. - Doomheart (Leader of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

Incantation of abhorrence has been spoken, the final showdown’s revel,
bygone prodigy awaked from its hibernation, the primal dismay level,
an obscure rider with black animal beside him, a sombre cloaked apostasy,
a heretical sermon and dismal choirs announce the Captain’s return,
stormblasts chime the advent of the end of days, the devil’s vomit on the planet,
twilight hours of trance, it’s almost millennium, unhallowed stigmata ecstasy,
as he dons obsidian gloves on hands, seizes the banner, heaven shall burn,
the reunion of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, godless blasphemous magnet,
pentagram resumed its imperium, blazing flames dominion’s rampart,
the Revelation, the malice’s coronation, an Armageddon triggered by the Doomheart.

Gamma pt. – Pentagram...

Long piercing star, murk’s dawn, skies shall rain fire, water turns to blood,
white defiled, Queen Succubus, a bride from Dark Citadel’s cadaverous woods,
frigid air, freezing blizzard, rivers run dry, salt for the soil, bodement of atrocities,
five husbands join this ebb and want to pass it to their upcoming offspring,
that opportunity arouses as they activate something strange, extraordinary,
event keenly frightening, a burst, stream of power, bringing huge variety of abilities,
born inside a pentagon, sharper, brighter than any other sanctified ring,
absolutely unfortunately for us all, much more authentic, not as imaginary,
wolves howl, fullmoon tortures them, the damned beat on the epic war drum,
fierce night awaits, Light on one side and what’s on the other? The Pentagram !

Delta pt. – Heavenly infernal intermezzo...

Pentagram was activated, the gates of mortal worlds open, malign swarms storm the peaceful lands,
a dreadful raid into the ordinary life, as the forces march, they burn anything blocking the way, break the hands,
a pervert, wicked hellish brood, poison skin and venom-blooded, like a salt to the sacred soil under our feet,
the flowers fade away, blackened tears of grass, trail of gore in the wake of Five Fiends of the Inner Circle caste,
the portal unleashed truly atrocious mutated cacodemons, zombies and vampires as the undead children of Death,
the lair of infected caterpillars was broken, the chains of darkest piranhas from Styx and Acheron bring satanic fleet,
Tantalus neither reaching the grapes, nor drinking the water, the torment on Earth comes alive, Sisyphean toil’s bitter taste,
fallen angels once again visit the realm of mankind to overthrow the rulers and enthrone their captain, then spread the evil dragon’s breath,
invasion planned for forty thousand years now turns to reality, complot against heavens in progress, someone has to fight this all,
heavenly infernal intermezzo ends with a vision of a wise man of Light that we, mere mortals, are not willing without a hard battle to fall.

napísanísané:: 13.8.2006

prečítalo:: 1482 ludí