Intro (edited version)

autor:: Miroslav Kizák

rubrika:: poezia

Legion of the righteous ones...

Alpha pt. - Dawn of a new world's order...

Winter’s breeze grows into a blizzard rage, icy empire of Evil Nox, by the tongues of snow condemns to a hearse ride, a dirgelike nocturne,
the maleficent night enthralls, then betrays the holy flare, seems so cold, but soon the bloody moonlight will burn the innocent wings of a swan,
what we were used to may fall for an impending tragedy, benighted revenants scatter from a leper limbo, tearing asunder nice reveries,
to spread a disease called hatred, carrion eulogy of satanic lords, the message to abandon atonements, arouse rampage, an epitome diabolical,
the old, beautiful, by the eons of human work made, now the ebb prevails, foundations of stone falter to ashes, eternal ground and pound,
no deliverance to purifying hands of death, endless damnation instead, euphonic birds‘ chirping replaced by shriek of tormentors, it seems,
an ominous silence before the storm that’s here to change the fates of mankind, enthrone a new king to move the history forth or back, radically,
in bad or good way, never the one as before, an opera plays next dramatic act, bards sing the epic tales, deep anxiety or tranquility profound,
the battle for future begins at any time, Hell unleashes forces in millions, the dead-scent war fills the atmosphere, conflict with no borders,
the turning point of historical collision with the from-oblivion-risen heroes of Light draws near to bring us the dawn of a new world’s order.

Beta pt. – Legion of the fallen ones...

The black abyss opened its darkest gates, innermost portals, unleashed Devil’s brood,
dragons, gorgons, medusas, Hades’ children, millions adoring Undead Brotherhood,
obscene worshipping, the fallen angels in chaos cathedral, the Satan’s sigil glows again,
they are summoning the uttermost Five fiends to activate the entry to purgatory,
from there it’s only a stone’s throw to the vast lands, objects of irate desire,
trail of tears lines the steps of twisted ritual, hell wishes to restore its reign,
countless battalions of mutated creatures fanatically muster to make us worry,
zealously chanting, with fury of the storm tending a devastating fire,
the invasion is on cards, warlocks ready to invite the annihilation once,
alpha of omega, pandemonium erupts, fight, Legion of the Fallen Ones !

Pt.1. - Blackheart (evil)

On the bottom of the pentagram a fallen being cries,
wildly dancing, cursing around, calling demons to arise,
the herald of the tyrant Lucifer, dark-flame-possessed infector of souls,
the summoner of the army legions’ gatherings, war ensign of hell,
the sorcerer, devouring spells, poisonous, macabre, he shows you the right decay,
creates skeletons, deterrent zombies, putrefying parts of torn bodies for the ghouls,
blackens and taints, the enemies defenseless, fear turncoats of holy well,
sows seeds of evil to be spread everywhere, emits malign gamma rays,
the despotic absolute, the number of the beast, six hundred and sixty-six,
the Blackheart rules the Netherworld beyond the river Styx.

Pt.2. - Demonheart (Mephisto - hatred)

Slay your foes, murder thy friends and beloved, awake the inner hatred,
kill mercilessly, decapitate every mortal in sight, for the Blackheart, the sacred,
the first of the Prime Evils, demonic brethren, the defiler of fragile harmony,
a four-handed giant, horned head and under has apparition proportions,
destroyer of equilibrium, blows the winds of madness, trembling are the hills,
an unholy priest serving desecrations, greed and lies came from shadows’ progeny,
eradicator of joy and heartfelt love, shatters all positive emotions,
breeds accursed wraiths, soldiers of abyss, blind servants of master’s will,
ensnares mankind in wicked net, impeccable painter of profane art,
you can’t stand a chance against the breath of Mephisto, embodied Demonheart.

napísanísané:: 3.8.2006

prečítalo:: 1192 ludí