I stand alone...

autor:: Miroslav Kizák

rubrika:: poezia

I stand alone…

Today is the doomsday, by the dark forces I’m found,
In the morning I awake, confused by that devouring sound,
My foundations are struck by a mighty quake,
They tremble and are about to fall,
Right amidst the field of poisoned stakes,
No matter how I try to run away, there’s always an imaginary wall,
The shores of the sea are dangerous, moonlight ocean is spreading fear, ‘cause the siren calls,
Opens the portal gate of hell, countless armies swarm and storm
the surface, demon prince arises for evil sake,
my nightmares, unfortunately, didn’t appear to be false,
with a single wink of eye I’m covered with vampiric snakes,
defenseless, without weapons, shield or armour,
thanks G-d, the guardian angel saves me for now
and we go to solar harbour.

Peace is a magic word, but can’t last for all eternity,
Even the stars in the heavens are under the reign of time, that uncovers their frailties,
The loss of balance came with speed of lightning and the tides turned,
And my ,,immortal’’ haven fell into ruin,
Unseen fiend hordes and their fiery bodies, unspeakable terror,
They crush all enemies and leave torn corpses in their wake,
That’s naked reality, it’s not a fake,
Like hunted beast I’m searching for savior,
Friends and all I’ve loved are no more,
And from help of the others I’m forsaken too,
In solitude I’m gathering strength to pass the infernal gate through,
My old spirit enters new realm and becomes a true warrior.

Right hand takes up the sword and the left grabs a shield,
Also with magic-imbued armor I march to the battlefield,
Black roses are growing in that haunting forest,
How to cure them I can find in the almagest,
For such sins They’ll taste my blade and rage,
Every single demon I’ll banish, fear me, evil arcomage,
I’ll fight ‘til I die and with zeal,
For recovering of all that feels,
Endless conflicts and sounds of war bring everlasting sleep,
Silent screams and unheard whispers sing the tearless weep,
The hell against me, even the shofar mourns,
In the hardest times, dead to the world, I stand alone.

napísanísané:: 19.10.2005

prečítalo:: 1004 ludí